Merchants Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

Your business was built on a unique product or service, whether you are in the beginning stages of growth, a brick and mortar seeking an online presence, or a well-established, national business. Your success is a result of your individuality and your electronic payment processing program should reflect that.

That’s why our payment solutions are customized to meet your specific needs. Tesla Payments does not utilize a “one size fits all” approach. Instead, we offer options based on your business size, your industry, and with your product or service in mind, so that you can continue to grow your business.

Determining the Right Rates for Your Business

Rates and fees are important considerations when selecting your electronic payment processing partner. At Tesla Payments, we focus on learning about your business and developing an understanding of how it operates so that we can develop the most appropriate pricing structure. Through in-depth conversations with you and your team, we can determine the most competitive and cost effective rates and fees to impact your bottom line.

Many factors determine the cost of a processing program including:

  • Type of business
  • Type of credit cards customers pay with
  • Swiping vs. hand keying
  • Processing volume
  • Average ticket
  • Pricing structure, etc.

Our sales consultants understand the importance of price structure and are well trained in interchange qualification. Our experience and expertise help you get the best rate qualification to ensure maximum savings for your business.

Contact us for a no obligation statement review and to learn more about affordable, reliable, electronic payment processing solutions from Tesla Payments.

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