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Pioneering spirit.




These qualities defined Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, after whom Tesla Payments was named, and serve as the foundation upon which our company was built. Nikola Tesla, a visionary ahead of his time, is best known for inventing alternating current technology and conceiving the idea for wireless communications more than a century ago.

Committed to Your Success

Tesla Payments is dedicated to providing cutting-edge electronic payment processing services that are customized to meet your business’ unique needs. From the first conversation, you’ll experience personal service and an attention to detail that sets us apart from other providers. Years of industry experience, combined with an unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, have resulted in unmatched one-on-one client service.

Our top priority is to determine the best payment services for you so that you can maximize your business' potential.


We hope that our commitment to transparency
will help us earn your trust and business

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