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Payment solutions with small business $ense

Save money with our simple and low-fee payment solutions, featuring the lowest interchange rates, cash discounting programs and no hidden charges! We offer merchant services and cost-effective payment processing for all business types- from small businesses to mid-size growing businesses. Securely accept payments in-store, online or on the go.

Prices starting as low as 0.0% and $9 per month for in-person transactions with Dual pricing

Preferred Products

Process Payments In More Than One Way

Elevate your business with our adaptable and efficient payment options and discover unparalleled flexibility with our comprehensive payment solutions tailored to your business needs. Upgrade your storefront with advanced countertop terminals and harness the power of online transactions using our secure virtual terminals. Stay connected on the go with WIFI and wireless terminals, while optimizing your operations with our powerful Clover point-of-sale systems.

Countertop Terminals

EMV & Contactless Standalone Terminals With one terminal, you can accept EMV and contactless transactions without additional equipment.

WIFI & Wireless Terminals

The PAX A920 is a compact electronic payment terminal powered by the Android operating system. The Valor VL500 comes with a large high definition tablet color display and a thermal printer that is neatly hidden so as to maximize screen usage for customer facing transactions.

Virtual Terminals

Save money on Interchange using level II and III data Our simple system for processing Level II & III data provides in-depth fields, yet takes seconds to process.


A POS system designed to make things easy. POS system makes running your business a breeze – whether you manage a restaurant, brick-and-mortar retail shop, eCommerce store, or service business. POS all in one accepting payments to organizing inventory to managing your team. Complete your set‑up faster, stress free.

We specialize in PA Payment Processing

Tesla Payments serves small and medium-sized businesses throughout the United States. However, our heart lies in Pennsylvania, where we have a special focus on the state's economic powerhouses: Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Reading, as well as many of its neighborhoods.


We hope that our commitment to transparency
will help us earn your trust and business

Unsurpassed one-on-one client experience

From the initial conversation, you’ll experience personal attention and a level of detail that sets us apart from other providers. Years of industry experience and listening to our client needs have resulted in an unsurpassed, one-on-one client experience.

24/7 Customer Support

No Long Term Contract

Over 20 Years Of Industry Experience

Family Owned

Built On Integrity

We set out to create a company that stood apart from the competition and revolutionized the way customers are treated. As a family owned business, we understand the importance of dependability. We provide 24/7 customer support. We live and work in your community and work with you in person. At Tesla Payments, you are never committed to a long-term contract. We earn your business every day.


Customer Satisfaction is the heart of our business. Tesla Payments was built on the philosophy that no two customers are the same. We strive to understand your business and provide solutions tailored to your individual needs. Our customized payment solutions and will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to drive growth. Unlike our competitors, we do not lock you into a long-term contract; we earn your business every day. We believe that by working together we can help you realize your vision.


From e-commerce and mobile to restaurant and retail payment solutions, business-to-business processing capabilities to electronic invoicing, we offer customized cost-effective payment processing solutions that are fast, secure, and easy to integrate. Tesla Payments can help charitable and non-profit organizations take their fundraising to a new level by enabling them to accept donations electronically via credit cards, electronic checks, or ACH.


Data security has become important in maintaining your customer’s confidence and protecting your business’ reputation. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is designed to protect all the stakeholders in the electronic payments processing space. Meeting the PCI compliance requirements has become burdensome for many businesses and organizations. Tesla Payments assists and supports clients in becoming PCI compliant.


Confusing pricing models can make it difficult for merchants to compare competitive quotes and choose the best program for their business. We understand that rates and fees are important considerations when selecting your electronic payment processing partner. Through in-depth conversations with you and your team, we can determine the most competitive and cost-effective rates and fees to impact your bottom line.

Compare Your Rates

Compare your current payment provider's processing rates with Tesla Payments.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Transparency, low rates, innovative tools, and exceptional service! Many merchants have been dragged through the mud by their previous processor, who dragged them through the mud with hidden fees, contracts, and poor service. We’ve made a name for ourselves by being the polar opposite. We value long-term relationships with our merchants, which means providing you with the payment service you’ve been looking for. Do you still have questions? Send us an email or give us a call. Our in-house Tesla Payments Merchant Experience Specialists are here to share their expertise, answer your questions, and point you in the right direction.
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Tesla Payments is the payments company for you if you want a better way to accept credit and debit cards online or in-person. Tesla Payments provides a variety of payment tools and software solutions to help you get paid faster and more easily.
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We offer Interchange Plus pricing for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and other card brands to provide complete transparency and greater savings. Interchange Plus pricing saves you money by passing the base cost directly to you and only charging for a single markup. We promote a fully transparent partnership by knowing our cost as well as our markup, which means no surprises on your monthly bill!
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Yes! There is also no need to call and renegotiate rates. Our Interchange Plus margin decreases automatically as you process more, allowing you to save even more.
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No! There are no hidden fees and you can close your account at any time. You will never have to pay setup fees, termination fees, quarterly fees, customer service fees, or bank deposit fees again.
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Instead of shopping for the lowest possible rates, look for the best and most reputable merchant service provider. When making a decision consider the entire package that includes pricing, service, contract terms and conditions, solutions, etc. To get the most competitive rates, ALL merchants, large and small, should want an Interchange cost plus rate price structure. However, this is not the end of the list; there are numerous other factors that can affect your bottom line.


Our Customers Speak For Us!

Whenever I need to contact Tesla Payments, I find them to be very easy to work with and they always answer right away to any questions I have. They've never made me feel as though I'm bothering them in any way. Tesla Payments is a company that I would strongly recommend to anyone looking for a respectable credit card processor.

Russel (Atlantis Granite)

The Tesla Payments salesperson who helped me understand how to use my terminal was fantastic; he walked me through every step in person." He also made sure I was comfortable with the virtual terminal. I've never dealt with a processing company like Tesla Payments before, which has been quite helpful and always exceeds expectations.

Wai C. (StirFry 88)

Working with Tesla Payments is a fantastic experience! I've been with them for about ____ years and they've always been helpful when I've had questions, they've always kept their word, and they've always been wonderful to deal with. Tesla Payments comes highly recommended by me to anyone looking for a business partner.

Antonino P. (Angelo's)

Our Bank has recently joined forces with Tesla Payments in order to offer our merchant customers the best possible options for processing card payments. Not only have our revenues increased in the first six months, but Tesla Payments was also able to save every one of our merchant customers money compared to their existing providers. This is truly a win-win relationship. I cannot say enough about how professional and customer-service oriented the folks at Tesla Payments are. Highly recommended.

Kevin L.

Tesla Payments is a great company. Not only did they take the time to understand our business needs but they were also able to save us a significant amount of money on our processing fees. Getting switched to them was easy and without any interruptions to our terminal and computer processing services. Adding phone processing capability came handy especially when you have 24 hours on-call service. Their sales and service team are top notch, always looking for unique solutions to help our business to grow, and they are always just a call away. We are very pleased with their service and we would definitely recommend it.

Lee L.

Thank you for your honesty! All too often people in this industry are full of promises to save small merchants like me ‘hundreds of dollars’ by making a switch. Most of these promises aren’t worth anything. I’ve shopped around for the best merchant services company and Tesla Payments is a breath of fresh air in the otherwise tainted industry. They are honest, they answer their phones and have kept up their promises!

Mike D.

Pioneering spirit!

Committed to your success.

Original. Innovative. Inspiring. These qualities defined the Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla, for whom Tesla Payments was named, and are the foundation on which our company was built. Ahead of his time, Nikola Tesla is best known for inventing alternating current technology and conceiving the idea for wireless communications more than a century ago.

Commited to your success. Tesla Payments strives to provide state-of-the-art electronic payment processing services, customized for your unique business. From the initial conversation, you’ll experience personal attention and a level of detail that sets us apart from other providers. Years of industry experience and listening to our client needs have resulted in unsurpassed, one-on-one client service. Our top priority is determining the right payment services for you, so you can realize your business’ full potential.

Contact us today and let’s start the conversation.


24/7 Customer Support


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